Hello I’m Vojta,

I like to run in the forest, sip a good cup of coffee and let my mind wander.

Sometimes when I focus my wandering mind I’m a control freak. I like to make processes faster, effective, nicer and it really doesn’t matter if it’s the way of making cup of tea or building the space rocket. Some say I’m romantic but it’s up to you to find out. I hope to meet all of you reading this and to talk with you as I love to share thoughs and to challenge the ideas of others.

Here are some thoughts about me by Federico Clavarino on Der Greif Online

© Rafal Milach

© Rafal Milach


  • Thomas Bata University in Zlin – photography (.BcA)
  • Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice – Visual communication
  • Film and Tv School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague – photography (.MgA)
  • Academy of Fine Arts in Prague – graphic design and new media – atelier 304 / Petr Babák /

Education (other)
2016 The International Summer School of Photography (ISSP)
Anouk Kruithof masterclass (Pelci/Lithuania)
2015 Film Spring Open – documentary workshop (Krakow/Poland)
2014 The Rodina book design workshop (Warsaw/Poland)
2012 Deepthroat and The Rodina graphic design workshop (Brno/Czech Republic)

2016 My Air Force chosen by Jana Romanova as The Best East European Photobook in 2016 (for FK Magazine)
2016 Self Publish Riga – First Award (My Air Force book/
2016 My Air Force book shortlisted for The Anamorphosis Prize
2016 My Air Force book chosen as the Book of the Week on Photo Eye blog
2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Photo Award – Winner

2013 Tonlab (Prague/Czech Republic)

Exhibitions (group)
2018 A tire-d’aile: Figures de l’envol (Rouen – Normandie/France)
2017 Projektil 33 (Prague/Czech Republic)
2017 Riga Photomonth – Self Publish Riga (Riga/Lithuania)
2017 Hackney WickED Festival (London/UK)
2017 Part of the book GR-02092017 by Silja Leifsdottir (Norway/Oslo)
2017 Krakow Photomonth (Krakow/Poland)
2016 ISSP final exhibition (Kuldiga/Lithuania)
2015 FAMU — MgA. (Prague/Czech Republic)
2014 Two faces of Prague (Prague/Czech Republic)
2013 CEZká Republika (Boskovice/Czech Republic)
2012 Borders of shadow (Valeč/Czech Republic)
Czechoslovak Trophies (Barcelona/Spain)
Czechoslovak Trophies (Prague/Czech Republic)
2011 New Estethic (Zlín/Czech Republic)
Weightlessness (Prague/Czech Republic)
2010 Welten am Fluss / Süd (Recklinghausen/Germany)

Exhibitions (solo)
2016 My Air Force (Brno/Czech Republic)

Exhibitions (curating)
2015 Sputnik Photos – Is (NOT) (Brno/Czech Republic)

Publications (selection)
FOTO magazine

2016 ISSP Evening Programme
2015 26th Brno Biennial
F! Festival