The library

Grand Prix

Ongoing project about Czech Grand Prix circuit and it’s magic.


Statue for old grand prix circuit in Brno as a hidden reminder of our beautiful history of motorsport.

series x

Challenging everyday objects around us. Work in progress.

My Air Force

My Air Force is constellation of things and people who keep me flying even if I’m on the ground.

My Air Force – book

Visual documentation of my book.

Icelandic magazine for Sputnik Photos

Illustrations and typesetting

Concept Car

Ongoing work about my fascination by the cars and their shapes.


Visual Illustration for my friend Matej Hanauers book about his great-grandfather RAF pilot.

Landscape that never existed

Czech Air Force

Project Czech Air Force was made as a side project to “My Air Force” book.

Universal Suite Industries

USI is a quick thought on the topic of augmented reality clothing in the future.

Past the Zenith

Alphabet made from the parts of old russian camera “Zenith”. I wanted to see what will happen when I reach its zenith.


Together with my friend Ivan Flores we tried twice to reach the sky by our rockets. No astronauts were harmed (probably).

The Wall

On my studies on FAMU we had a topic “the wall”. Night before final exams I built the wall which closed the entrance to all of the works installed by students. The other day when everyone came they were forced to stay there in confusion between the white walls. I thought not photography but the real wall is the best solution how to deal with the topic to show its meaning.

The mask for H. P. Lovecraft

Sculpture mask built on the base of Lovecraft stories.

Revolver Revue

Visual story about the mountains and photography for Revolver Revue.

The Zine

Zine made from emails sent to students in department of photography on FAMU by our technician. It shows how much students are resistant to any technical discipiline and other happy memories.


My illustrations and photodocumentation for the group book “Mask, icon, copy” was the product of one month long workshop by Adam Uchytil. He is also designer of the book.

Katowicka Moderna

Photos for the book about modernist architecture in Katowice/Poland made by Zofia Oslislo.

The Light

Pictures for the zines about the light we made together with my friend graphic designer Jolana Sýkorová.