Easy Galleries with #half

With this theme, you can easily create galleries that alternate between one- and two-image rows. No custom plugins, shortcodes, buttons, etc. needed. This is how Stills displays native WordPress galleries. Just add a #half tag to two neighboring images’ captions and they will stand in one row (see below). Drop a couple tags as you would do on Instagram or Facebook, and the theme will place you two pictures in one row. The #half tag will not be displayed to your website visitors.

The above set created with the native WordPress interface translates into what you see below. The #half tag is not displayed on the frontend.

No images in the gallery

You can click an image in the gallery to see it in a lightbox — with zoom and individual picture sharing functionality (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). Individual picture sharing can be switched on/off in your Admin Panel.

The vertical images in these galleries always fit the screen. Looking at portrait-oriented pictures you won’t have to scroll up and down to get an idea of what’s on a picture that goes outside the screen area. With this theme’s galleries, pictures are adapting to available screen real estate on the fly and they can always be seen fully, regardless of the screen size.

Last but not least, the images in the galleries don’t get cropped — neither when being displayed on the page, nor when being shown in lightbox view.

There are other interesting features in this theme, like customizable colors.