Self published – My Air Force 

Hester Keijser on Vojtěch Veškrna’s My Air Force (Self-publish Riga contest):
Without mention of author or title on the cover, the first thing you read when opening the book is a dedication to a certain Ondrej Fisher, “who left this earth in 2015”. This way, the friend, in his absence, becomes the main character in My Air Force. The book talks equally about death, the dream of flying and the emotional bonds that exist between family and friends – of which Veskrna says it is what keeps him flying even if he is on the ground.
After several voting rounds and applying utmost scrutiny to all the contenders, the jury unanimously selected My Air Force as the winner of Self Publish Riga Award. It’s a well rounded, fleet-footed book that will speak to an audience beyond those with an interest in photography: it has text to read, stories to piece together, deeper layers that draw on myths, and bit of mysteries that will never be resolved – all carried by a very precise use of photographs, both his own and ones taken from archives. To achieve such a balance in the editing requires delicacy and sensitivity, and Veskrna demonstrates to have both.

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