Things I made or disassembled

Grand Prix statue

My hometown Brno is well known for it’s racing history. I love racing and I wanted to make statue as a tribute to the first racetrack in Brno. So I did. It’s placed in one of the chicanes (parts of the old track are used as normal road in Brno) in the hills.

The fastest car

When I was on ISSP in Latvia I decided to explore my passion for speed. In a few days I built wooden skeleton and bought “metalic” fabric to cover it. My point was the shape of the fast car should be aerodynamic and respect laws of the nature. My model experienced wind and rain and changed it’s shape because of it. Then I can imagine it could be my fastest car under that cover.

Zenith typeface

I tried to repair my Zenith camera. After few attempts I gave up as my repair abilities was far from ideal. It was sad to leave it like it is so I tried to give my camera second life. The typeface is available for free here.

The wall

On my FAMU studies we had a topic: THE WALL. At night before the final exams I built the wall which made the whole exhibition closed for visitors as the entrance was just white cube without doors with the exhibition behind the wall. I thought the real wall is the best solution how to deal with the topic to show it’s meaning.

Artwork for the exhibition P33

11 realisations by Projectil architects reworked by 11 artists. My topic was the public library in Hradec Kralove. The base of the building is the letter “X” and the windows are all circles. It reminded me the game “noughts and crosses” so I decided to play the game with workers or visitors in the library. In the meantime I ask them how they feel about the building. I wrote small piece about my experience and made pictures based on it. Exhibited work includes noughts and crosses games, pictures, my text an the real pencil we played with.

and other important stuff like:

turned tangerine upside down

glued two glasses together

tried to support the flower 

lost people in picture

tried to make coffee

built library building from foam

discovered the possibilities of the chair