Personal projects and exhibitions

Prints from some of the series are available here

My little flower poetry “To reach into the darkness and draw out flowing gold.” in a joint exhibition with @miroko_maroko & @dechemstudio

Modeller’s Day

I was always making models when I was young. I played around with the shapes but was never interested in the finished product. The “work in progress” skeleton gave me a lot of room for imagination. And that’s why the exhibition is called “Modeller’s Day”. My whole life is just making and composition, where something already finished is put into context with the help of some construction. I want to translate my fascination with the subject to other people and that’s why I build. Even if it doesn’t show in the final pictures, I always try to build because I just enjoy it.

These unfinished projects look like nothing was created, but maybe that’s just a matter of perspective. So even though I’m not moving and a little stuck, I’m flying in my mind. It’s just the way I think about the world. I like options, sometimes there are too many and I’m really paralysed by them, but that’s just the way I am. I am in timeless space alone with possibilities.

The exhibition “Modeller’s Day” is a collection of these moments. Many unfinished ways of looking at things.

Exhibition “The invisible botany of urban spaces” at Czech Cultural Center Paris

Documentary photography, living plants and science at the heart of Paris exhibition reflecting on our relationship with the natural world.

Plants influence our lives on a daily basis, yet we don’t pay as much attention to them. Now they are the subject of an exhibition at the Czech Centre in Paris, presented by Haenke from 5 to 15 October 2023. Titled ‘The Invisible Botany of Urban Spaces,’ the installation explores aspects of the human relationship with nature that we might not notice at first glance.

My “lemon mushroom” exhibited on ART Takeway project

Photo essay “Houses, apartments, people” for CAMP

Towards the end of 2022, I had the opportunity to document the housing situation in Prague for CAMP.  The audiovisual layer of the exhibition consists of three parts. Mine represents the diverse face of contemporary living: the photo essay “Houses, apartments, people” invites visitors to take a look at various types of Prague households – from hostels for the homeless to luxury lofts. residence in the city center. It is preceded by an animated part that explains who and how they build apartments in the capital.

The third part then consists of an audio montage composed of a wide spectrum of opinions that resonate in the media on the topic of housing development. Photos from different places were set in motion in a very spatially generous projection.

Drawings and pictures for my personal zine “Wash your hands” which I created in covid when I was working as a photojournalist.

A few pages of newspaper that could be created thanks to support by Designblok, Prague International Design Festival “My Dream” call. I realised it’s quite soon to take the topic of covid and make a book for the future generations so I prepared this handy (it’s about hands you know) newspaper. It includes my pictures and illustrations how to properly wash your hands. Thanks to Designblok I was able to find time to make drawings even when I’m really useless in it and to find the printer (Newspaper Club) who don’t cost an arm and a leg to make beautifull newspaper print.


Photo from the village of Hrušky hit by a tornado in a joint book about the signals of our planet + other pictures from the series.


My Air Force

Most of my childhood, I spent in block of flats. Claustrophobic and unpleasant room between the walls kept me dreaming about the space, in my mind and for my body.

I was fascinated by flying. My grandfather always gave me magazines about them. He worked as an airplane mechanic when he was younger, but I have never asked him more about it. Also, my father gave me some basics about flying, when we spent hours and hours in flying simulators together.

When I was searching for the topic, I can pursue in my master studies I chose my passion for the airplanes. It was closest subject to my heart and there was lots to discover. I started asking my grandpa about his experience on the base and I even made the first pictures on the same airbase he worked. The project soon developed from the early stages of reportage to something more calm and timeless. At least for me. I couldn’t perfectly show the life on the base, but I could show my passion. I started to capture the things I imagined when I was younger. The power of the airplane, the freedom, people around. And that was it. My Air Force is constellation of things and people who keep me flying even if I’m on the ground.

Grand Prix statue

My hometown Brno is well known for it’s racing history. I love racing and I wanted to make statue as a tribute to the first racetrack in Brno. So I did. It’s placed in one of the chicanes (parts of the old track are used as normal road in Brno) in the hills.

The fastest car

When I was on ISSP in Latvia I decided to explore my passion for speed. In a few days I built wooden skeleton and bought “metalic” fabric to cover it. My point was the shape of the fast car should be aerodynamic and respect laws of the nature. My model experienced wind and rain and changed it’s shape because of it. Then I can imagine it could be my fastest car under that cover.

Zenith typeface

I tried to repair my Zenith camera. After few attempts I gave up as my repair abilities was far from ideal. It was sad to leave it like it is so I tried to give my camera second life. The typeface is available for free here.

The wall

On my FAMU studies we had a topic: THE WALL. At night before the final exams I built the wall which made the whole exhibition closed for visitors as the entrance was just white cube without doors with the exhibition behind the wall. I thought the real wall is the best solution how to deal with the topic to show it’s meaning.

Artwork for the exhibition P33

11 realisations by Projectil architects reworked by 11 artists. My topic was the public library in Hradec Kralove. The base of the building is the letter “X” and the windows are all circles. It reminded me the game “noughts and crosses” so I decided to play the game with workers or visitors in the library. In the meantime I ask them how they feel about the building. I wrote small piece about my experience and made pictures based on it. Exhibited work includes noughts and crosses games, pictures, my text an the real pencil we played with.

Tangerine from “the Wrong” project

Running boy by ©Jean-Jacques Sempé